Start your Odyssey

Start your Odyssey now, whether new or experienced in Odyssey! You will need to be a member of a school or college or other educational institutions.



Students - It's a fun filled learning opportunity to work on a project with your friends over a longer period of time building good bonds of friendship, without teachers, parents or other people telling you what to do? The program is designed not only for "gifted" or "Normal" students - everybody can join the fun.

In this process of learning, you will learn many new skills you can use in your life later on.

An unforgettable experience of a true team!

Teachers, parents & volunteers

There are different roles a Teacher, a Parent or a Volunteer can pick within Odyssey of the Mind:

As a Coach - If you start the program at your school, the best way is to coach the first team alone or together with a second coach or a parent. A coach may stimulate the thinking process of the team with various excercises (brainstorming, spontaneous problems), though the Coach may not interfere with the solution of the problem.

As a Parent - You can support your child by hosting team sessions, car pool, transporting props, watching the team's performance and observing your child's learning process.

School coordinators - With several teams in one school, it is recommended to select a School coordinator. He/she can be the direct communicator with Odyssey of the Mind India officials on behalf of the school coaches and students for clarifications and registrations.

A coach can be a teacher, a parent depending on the school permission.


  • Teams of 5-7 students participate in their choice of the Long-Term Problems and practice Spontaneous Problems.
  • All Team Members may participate in the LT presentation.
  • Teams participate within Age Divisions.
  • These are based upon age of oldest team member.
  • The age calculated as on May 1st of the Upcoming World finals.

First meeting To Dos

  • Coach can organize a first meeting with interested students at the beginning after registration.
  • Let them solve a few spontaneous problems. Explain the most important rules of "Odyssey of the Mind" and present the current Long-term problem synopysis.
  • Tell parents about the program. They want to know which projects their kids are involved in. Explain how they can help and that outside assistance is not allowed.

Are you interested in starting your Odyssey of the Mind?

  • Contact us! Request information material, flyers, videos and sample problems. We will support you by presenting the program at your school!
  • Tell your students and colleagues about the program.
  • Ask the school administration for permission to offer the program as an extracurricular activity.

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