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Odyssey of the Mind is on a mission to unlock the creative potential in every student and equip them with the problem-solving skills they need to thrive in the modern world. Through its innovative programs and initiatives, the organization has inspired countless students to think outside the box, collaborate with others, and embrace their creativity. As we look to the future, it is clear that Odyssey of the Mind will continue to play a vital role in shaping the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers. Become a part of this program and look forward to think out of box.


how to register in ootm india

    1. BECOME A MEMBER:To get started, register yourself for School/Team membership. Once we receive your registration form, the Team will be registered with Odyssey of the Mind (India)

    2. FORM A TEAM: Teams are formed of five to seven students and a coach, organized under a school, university, home school, or community group. Identification of teams should be done on the basis of Division and Problems. 

    3. PICK YOUR CHALLENGE: Give your team the best chance at success by reviewing the problem limitations and the rules of the program. While the problems are open-ended, there are limitations that encourage creative problem-solving. It’s not about coming up with the one "right" solution; it’s finding one of many possible creative solutions that meet specific requirements. 

    4. CREATE YOUR SOLUTION:  Once your team knows the problem limitations, it’s time to create a solution! Each team member will find a role to play in the many stages of problem-solving including brainstorming, artwork, set design, technical design, writing sketches and much more! Everyone learns to think Beyond the Box.

    5. QUALIFY AT REGIONAL: The solutions created by the teams for Long-Term problems will perform at the regional level. The selected Teams at Odyssey of the Mind India regional competitions will be eligible for the International Competitions. {World Finals (USA) and Euro-fest (Europe)}.

    6. COMPETE FOR WORLD FINALS(USA): There’s nothing like an Odyssey competition! Colourful costumes, innovative design, humorous scripts and more... all combine in a fierce but friendly competition. Teams show off their creative ideas and appreciate others. Thousands of people from around the world come together to put their ideas to the test.


  • Register for school/team membership– Identify the School Coordinator, Problem Coordinators (coaches). There is no limitation on number of teams registering from a school.
  • Teams of 5-7 students participate in their choice of the Long-Term Problems and Spontaneous Problems.
  • Team makes and develops mechanical devices, structures, scripts, props, and dresses as per problem requirement. Practice Long-Term and Spontaneous problems.
  • Teams compete within Age Divisions.
  • Participate in Odyssey of the Mind India competition, if selected teams further compete in International Competitions
  • Teams compete at International Competition held at Euro-fest (Europe) and World Final United State of America.
  • ootm age divisions

    Are you interested in starting your Odyssey of the Mind?

    • Contact us! Request information material, flyers, videos and sample problems. We will support you by presenting the program at your school!
    • Tell your students and colleagues about the program.
    • Ask the school administration for permission to offer the program as an extracurricular activity.

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